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1. What are the differences between the three CERISE subscription options?

To get full access to all articles on CERISE, you must be a confirmed subscriber. After reaching the Subscribe page, you can subscribe to three different types of subscription options:

  1. Individual Application
  2. Part of my organization's group account
  3. I am applying on behalf of an organization

Individual Applications are for individuals who are applying for a single subscription.

Part of my organization's group account is for individuals who are aware their organization has a CERISE account and want to be part of it. To apply as part of your organization's group account, CERISE must be able to verify your organization's name and email domain. You can check this by clicking on the Find Organization Domain and Find Organization Name buttons. The administrator of your organization's account will then receive notification of your request and can either accept or deny you. You will then receive an email on whether they have accepted or denied your subscription request.

I am applying on behalf of an organization is for individuals who are starting their organization's group account and want to become the administrator of this account. The administrator has access to all the billing information and the ability to control which users have access to CERISE. They can invite new users in their profile page or accept new users as they apply as part of their organization's account.

Administrators who do not wish to have access to CERISE but wish to maintain administrative duties and powers will be given limited CERISE accounts that do not count towards the total number of subscriptions.

2. How do I test CERISE before committing to a full annual subscription?

Trial subscriptions are available for individuals or organizations who wish to test CERISE before subscribing. A 30 day "Trial Period" is available upon request for as long as the individual or organization making the request has not had a subscription or trial subscription to CERISE in the past 12 months. To obtain a trial subscription, contact CERISE staff by accessing the Contact Us page by clicking the Contact button on the top right. CERISE staff will respond as soon as possible.

3. How do the different features of the search engine work?

The search engine allows you to customize your search so you are able to conveniently access the articles you want. A How-to Video in How to Use the Search Engine is also available to provide a visual of these instructions.

The CERISE search engine is comprised of three features: the keyword search, date posted and filtered search tags.

The keyword search allows the user to search specific words or statements of interest. The keyword search engine will only search the CERISE database for exactly what is entered. For example, a search for Ontario Energy Board EB-2012 will only return that exact entry and will not return articles that may contain the words Ontario, Energy, or Board.

The date posted feature allows the user to search the database within a custom time frame. The date posted feature will always override the date ranges. The date ranges are time ranges CERISE has provided if the user wants to do a quick search with roughly estimated time frames. The default option for any search will always be 1 month ago.

The filtered search tags are the prime feature of the CERISE search engine. It allows our users to personalize their search in terms of organization, jurisdiction, type, category and topic. To use these filter tags, the user expands and chooses the tags they want and then clicks Go.

If there are no tags displayed after selecting a filter, then there are no articles with those tags in the selected time frame.

4. To use the search engine effectively, subscribers should designate a clear time frame using either the date posted or date ranges, and then narrow the search even further by using the keywords search and selecting the appropriate filters. How do I save my searches?

The save search feature allows subscribers to quickly access custom searches. To save a search, use the different features of the CERISE search engine. Please refer to question 3 for a further explanation of each feature.

First use the search engine features to find the articles you are looking for. After you are certain that these search parameters will find the articles you are searching for, check the Save Search box beside the Go button. A drop down box will prompt you to name your saved search. Click Go when you have named your saved search and have chosen the appropriate search parameters. Your new saved search will now appear in the My Searches tab. Subscribers are allowed a maximum of 5 different saved searches.

You can edit the search filters and date ranges by changing the search parameters and clicking Go with the Save Changes box checked.

5. How do I create my own customized Bulletin?

Customized Bulletins can be customized to be received by email daily, weekly and monthly. A How-to Video in How to Create a Bulletin provides a visual representation of these instructions.

To receive Bulletins, subscribers must first create a saved search. Please refer to questions 3 and 4 regarding saved searches. You can customize your bulletin to be sent daily, weekly or monthly at either 4:00 pm or 8:00 am. To receive a Bulletin, choose your preferred time and select the saved search you wish to receive. When choosing your saved search for your Bulletin, the Bulletin does not use the date posted or date ranges because this will cause you to receive the same articles in your bulletin every single time. After you choose your saved search, it will automatically send your Bulletin at the chosen time.

6. If I am the administrator, how do I invite new subscribers?

You can invite new subscribers on your profile page. On the bottom of our profile page, there is a list of all the users of your subscription package. To add new users, type in their email address and attach a saved search and click send. They will receive an email regarding an invitation to CERISE. If they accept the invitation, they can begin making their account under your organization's group account with the saved search defaulted to their My Searches tab.